Medical Teachers Awareness and Prioritization of their Roles

Zulfiqar Uddin Syed, Usman Mahboob, Gohar Wajid, Zafar Iqbal


BACKGROUND: This research is brought about by the assumption that medical teachers’ awareness of their roles is a constituent of reflective professionalism. There is a need to know whether medical educators in Pakistan are aware about the twelve roles of a teacher as given by R M Harden in AMEE guide 20 and how they will prioritize these roles for their future practices.

AIM: To find out the awareness of medical faculty about twelve roles of a teacher and prioritization of these roles for their future practices in three medical institutions.

METHODOLOGY: A quantitative, cross sectional study was carried out in Multan. Questionnaire was filled by 84 medical teachers of a tertiary care military hospital, a private sector medical college and a public sector medical college.

RESULTS: All the surveyed medical teachers are aware of the traditional dimensions of the teaching profession i.e. lecturer, clinical teacher, student assessor and learning facilitator. New roles are known to around half and a fewer participants of the survey; on the job role model (54.4%), role  model as a teacher  (53.4%), learning facilitator (94.5%), mentor (19.3%), curriculum assessor (15.5%), curriculum planner (13.6%), course planner (30.3%), learning resource developer (30.6%) and study guide producer (4.5%).

CONCLUSION: Teachers exposure to professional development in medical education is limited. It is the low awareness about twelve roles that medical teachers perceive and practice their roles traditionally. However, this gap can be filled through professional development programs in medical education.

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